General Terms of Lease

Confirmation and content of the contract .

  • A contract shall be concluded by telephone, written or electronic ( Internet/E-Mail)
  • With the reservation the tenant provides the landlord a rental contract is binding , whereby the tenant binds to the written offer or refusal of the landlord. Owner confirms a reservation by sending you a booking confirmation. The sending of the booking confirmation and the rental agreement is sent via e -mail (or if desired by post) .
  • The house may only be occupied by the maximum persons of the booking confirmation, with children count as full persons . Overcrowding requires the approval of the owner and may have an increase in the rental price result .
  • Owner mailed confirmations contain all relevant data for the stay in the property. To guarantee correct booking and to avoid misunderstandings , the tenant agrees to check upon receipt of the booking confirmation immediately the accuracy or completeness of the data posted and notify any omissions or errors within seven days after receipt of the booking confirmation against the owner. When omitting such a timely notification of the tenant is not entitled to rely on omissions or errors in the booking confirmation.

Contracting party

  • The contract is concluded between tenants and owners. Corticy is only mediator and responsible to no way. Payments will take place directly to the bank account of the owner.

Prices and payments.

  • Prices are inclusive of VAT.
  • Not included are the costs of a non-life insurance , cancellation and travel insurance and any other associated costs .
  • A deposit of 30 % of the full rental amount is to be paid seven (7) days after receipt of the booking confirmation. *Or different as confirmed on the booking-confirmation
  • The balance is due six (6) to pay weeks before arrival.
  • For short-term bookings ( 42 days before departure ) , the entire rental amount is due upon conclusion of contract .
  • The full rental is payable prior to departure or arrival. Without full payment of the rent , there is no claim by the hirer and any obligation on the part of the owner. No money is being canceled


  • The tenant is obliged to pay a deposit to the owner.
  • The return of the deposit is made 2 weeks after departure after an inspection of the rental property has been carried out with satisfactory results . The possible damages will be deducted from the deposit.

Rights and obligations of the tenant.

  • The tenant must pay attention to the good , the arrival times are called in the residence ticket . If you arrive outside of this period the tenant to the property manager must itself make an appointment.
  • The hirer , as specified in the booking confirmation , the to leave holiday home before -mentioned time . In case of late departure, the tenant has to pay an additional rent per day .
  • The tenant must treat the property with care.
  • The Lessee shall be liable for any damage caused by him or his co-tenants to the property or the inventory. The tenant is obligated under the statutory provisions , all reasonable to do at any disruptions to services to help remedy the disruption and to keep any damage possibly caused low or avoid . In particular, the tenant is obligated to report problems immediately .

Cancellation by the tenant.

  • In case of withdrawal from the contract no later than 43 days before arrival Cancellation charges are payable in the amount of the deposit
  • In case of withdrawal from the contract is between 42 days and 1 day ago Arrival to payment of fees in the amount of 90%.
  • Upon cancellation on the day of the rental period the entire rental amount is payable at 100%.
  • The date of the postmark or e -mail report is crucial for the right time of cancellation.
  • Transfer of the lease is not possible.

Withdrawal by tenant Residence Scherrhof

  • to 90 days before arrival 20% of the total price
  • to 60 days before arrival 40% of the total price
  • to 30 days before arrival 70% of the total price
  • to 14 days before arrival 100% of the total price
  • Transfer of the lease is not possible.

Claims of the tenant in case of poor performance .

  • The tenant must notify a complaint immediately to the administrator . The Administrator will try to correct the interference immediately on site.
  • If the lease significantly affected by the defect, the tenant is entitled to a right of termination. This requires that the tenant has requested with reasonable notice and remedy this period has passed without result .
  • The provision of a period is not required if the remedy is impossible or if the immediate termination of the lease by the tenant is justified by a particular interest. A notice must be in writing.
  • Claims for non-contractual provision of the services under the lease shall be made in writing within one month after the contractually agreed end of the lease against owner of tenants. After this period, the tenant may claim compensation if he has been prevented through no fault of meeting the deadline. Owner is liable for compensation of up to the rental amount .

Cancellation and termination by owner

  • Owner can withdraw before the rental period of the lease or terminate the rental agreement without notice , (A)  if a tenant the implementation of the Lease despite warning continues to disturb or by his conduct other endangered or otherwise behaves in breach of contract. Or (B) without notice , if the execution of the lease substantially due to unforeseeable conclusion of the contract force majeure impeded, endangered or impaired.
  • Announces owner the lease after (A) , so the rent for the entire agreed rental period is due. If owner according to item (B), before arrival from the contract , all amounts paid will be promptly refunded , further claims are excluded. Announces owner the lease according to item b .) During occupation , the tenant receives the rent back the part corresponding to the expenses saved by the landlord.

Liability Owner

  • Corticy is responsible for the accuracy of the description of the cottage. Owner is responsible for the proper performance of the contractual services in cases of proven negligence .
  • Owner is not liable for occasional outages or disturbances in the water, electricity or gas / oil supply , the constant Operational readiness of all the facilities for the recruitment of Transport facilities , relocation and closure of shops and Service providers , for environmental damage or climatic changes .
  • Furthermore , liability is excluded for construction and road works .
  • The exclusion of liability shall continue to ” force majeure ” (war, strikes, military exercises , natural disasters, etc.).

Dutch law applies